Drawing of the human figure is my practice.
I am interested in drawing as a two way process: a receiving and putting down; an observing of the observed. An investigation, interrogating the appearance of the figure in space and making marks on paper.
In April 2012 I took part in a residency project in Ormston House Limerick, observing the activities on Patrick Street: making sketches from inside the Gallery, looking out.
2010-2014 I have been a member of Contact Studios, Limerick.
I am a founding member of the Limerick Figure Drawing Society.
My current projects include:
A drawing workshop with dance artist, Lisa Mc Loughlin and exhibition of works for National Drawing Day 2015.

Part 1.
At Dromroe Village Hall. University of Limerick an observational drawing workshop for visual artists with contemporary dance artist Lisa Mc Loughlin will take place. Lisa will lead the workshop by moving through an improvised continuous series of short poses of her choice. She will choose the music for the workshop and will be wearing clothes her choice. The subject of the workshop is the dancer, her form, presence, movement and direction in relation to space.
Part 2.
On Saturday May 16th, National Drawing Day fron 1pm-3pm at Dance Limerick John’s Square the public are invited to view an exhibition of a selection of the drawings or works developed from the workshop drawings of each artist that participated in this workshop. Refreshments provided.
This project is kindly supported by the Limerick Arts Office, Dance Limerick and the University of Limerick Arts Office.
Project coordinator: Marie-Clare Boothman

Pigtown Scatchings presented by Softday.
Thursday 7th May at 8pm in Dance Limerick. I’m delighted to be participating in the first Pigtown Scratchings 2015, making pencil scratchings on paper very inconspicuously in the wings or a shady corner. The pencil in hand will be moving quietly to the sounds being received from the performances and coordinating itself with the visual information being received from the activities in the environment. I will later upload a selection of the sketches on Tumblr and use some of the sketches to make into an animated gif, a memento of the event.