Scanning an object using digital photogrammetry.

Portfolio ยป Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry uses photos of an object to create a geometric representation of it. To learn how to scan an object using photogrammetry I took many overlapping close-up photos of a wooden mannequin. A good depth of field was recommended, because the higher the resolution of the photographic images, the better the eventual model. I uploaded the photos to Meshroom photogrammetry software, which analyses and processes the images. The application utilises image-matching algorithms and computer vision algorithms that recognise features in the images to obtain the coordinates of the object. It then runs further computations to combine the information into a dense point cloud and generate a photogrammetric mesh of the object. I then edited the mesh and exported it to a 3D file format for 3D printing.

I then used photogrammetry to scan a persons hands. The 3D print of the hands failed but I uploaded the model to an AR app and was able to display the hands via AR.